Unhandled are experts in cutting-edge technology and Open Source. We help products scale and perform even in the most challenging environments.

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Add the needed level of competence to your business to gain confidence and reach your goals better. With our additional insight and level of expertise we help you understand the technology in your business better.

Quality Compliance

Locate and eliminate bottlenecks to align your product development-workflow and service automation with proven test strategies.

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Application development

Identify the development patterns that are common to problems, and help you design modern, scalable and performant Node.js services.

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Design and launch quality-driven and scalable Node.js services with security and performance down to the very tick.

Performance Evaluation

Understand and identify the bottlenecks that degrade the performance of your sales to delivery process from a digital perspective.

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Open Source Solutions

Build a cost efficient and flexible production pipeline using Open Source Software alternatives that match the needs of your business.

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Strategic advisory

Reduce debt or momentum in the digital platforms behind your services. We help you scale your technology with your business goals.

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Capacity planning

Align the expectations of growth with your digital platform to deliver services, and keep proper measures to scale without downtime.

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Build a secure and performing platform to deliver your services that scales according to your needs, with proper infrastructural design.

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Service provisioning

Deploy and provision your services confidently. Insights from our experts give you a complete understanding of your delivery process.

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Team leadership

Engage and move your engineering teams forward with qualified leadership. We help you merge the goals of your business with workflow.

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On-site training

We educate in performance, security and development of services. Add more qualifications and confidence to your teams.

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On-site training and team leadership add extensive value and engagement to your existing team of developers and service professionals.

Extended workforce

Reduce added complexity when building and deploying services with our extended help. We assist your team on-site to deliver scalable and performant results.


Make the right decisions in confidence with our help while planning to build and launch services, or simply extend the functionality of your existing.


Extend your engineering resources with our added expertise. We help you meet the requirements of quality driven development and eliminate problematic design decisions in code.


Identify bottlenecks and patterns prone to problems in your products at a manageable stage. We help you eliminate bugs before they scale into disaster — Down to the very thread-level and compiler stage of V8.


Build scalable and secure cloud-ready architectures designed to last. Whether moving to or from public, hybrid or private cloud our experts are there to help you in every step of the process.

Adaptive Technology in Business

Align the technology used in your business for product development and service delivery with efficient results, flexible licensing and understandable terms.

Scalable solution provider

Deploy your services with proper capacity planning, scalable architecture and let our experts help you make the decisions that are critical to success.

Cost efficient solutions

Reduce unnecessary complexity added from technical debt, poor licensing terms and gain proper insight to utilize your on-site resources more efficiently.

Unhandled are experts in cloud-ready architecture, Node.js services, and Open Source. We offer a broad range of services customized to your needs.


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Bridge Technology and Business


Help your technology prosper and lean toward healthy, open solutions that are ready for modern products. Our dedication and teamwork as a Partner from day one give you a indisputable efficiency in performance.

An Open Alternative


We are an Open Source Software driven company with broad expertise in open alternatives. Open alternatives increase cost-efficiency and maturity in your software, while encouraging your business to contribute back to the projects.

Critical insights


We evaluate your current digital production setup and add strategies that improve your pipeline. Whether you’re a large business that need to upscale or a small organization, we bring added value to your project and resources.

Sustainable relationship


We provide dedication and hands-on experience to your business by leveraging over 20 years of experience in the professional industry. Our qualified team integrates nicely with your existing to act as a catalyst.

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We work with small to large scale businesses, organizations and educational institutes, and our pricing is individual.

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Featured Client Case


Reach out to us if you’re interested in learning about more cases where our solutions may benefit your organization.

Open Source

With a near 100% Open Source coverage we managed to deliver a sustainable and healthy foundation of quality and licensing to the client.




efficiency increase0%

Business value

By reducing an additional 150+ hours of work, we managed to help the client deliver and scale the project. Saving critical time and project cost.



hours saved

efficiency increase0%


Using modern technology from a wider community of developers and heavy performance optimizations we increased delivery times by 3.



times faster

efficiency increase0%