About the Company


We bridge the gap between business and digital products by understanding need, cost and performance.

We’re a technology company founded by engineers. Our aim is to connect the gap between complex technology for modern business in the cloud and their strategic goals.

We help clients reduce cost in resource by evaluating the complexity and bottlenecks commonly found in growing products on cloud platforms.

As a Partner we provide a wide spectrum of solutions, from provisioning of services to code quality assessments.

  • Founded in 2018
  • C-corporation
  • Delaware 

Unhandled, Inc. was founded in Delaware, USA in 2018, as an incorporation to extend the distribution of services globally from the existing Swedish company.

We’re proud of the investment and dedication that we offer. Our primary goal is satisfaction, and our clients are the foundation of our constant efforts to improve ourselves and the solutions we provide.

We’re an Open Source-first company, we believe that by using and investing in the Open Alternative will lead to a healthier digital market.

The definition of unhandled is :Not tamed or disciplined. This defines the challenges or complexities we strive to solve using the competence we’ve gathered throughout the years as developers, engineers and architects.

We bring this culture with us wherever we go in an effort to push the solutions to complex problems forward, making them more accessible and educational to everyone.

Our History


Together we add decades of product development and growth experience to your business

The company was founded in 2018 as a direct answer to a seemingly growing pattern of inefficiency in technology of product performance as projects scale in modern cloud and web infrastructure.

The team, coming from advanced developer backgrounds quickly set out to create the “culture” that today Unhandled pushes forward as its primary mission.

A strong goal of the company has always been to give back and contribute to the wealth of the Open Source society, by educating and teaching companies how the Open Source solutions may benefit them, with product maturity and cost.

The company was initially founded in Malmö, Sweden by Mauricio Saglietto and Jimmie Hansson. Shortly after, the company opened up its global counterpart in Delaware, U.S.

Board of Directors


As a partner we provide a broad spectrum of solutions that adapt and scale to your business needs.

Jimmie Hansson
J. Hansson

CHM/President / CEO

Co-founder of Unhandled.

Mauricio Saglietto
M. Saglietto

Executive VP / CTO

Co-founder of Unhandled.

We thrive in challenges, its our natural passion to take them on. We strongly believe its time for modern companies to understand the technology they use and what it means.
Unhandled, Inc.

2035 Sunset Lake Road, Suite B-2, Newark, Delaware 19702, USA / EID 36-4924340

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