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Our team of experts are specialized in high-performing and cloud ready architectures and products that scale and perform even in the most challenging environments.

We help clients minimize Technical Debt and optimize production pipelines with automation and service provisioning ready for future service growth.

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We’re a passionate and dedicated team of developers and architects. In Unhandled, we add decades of experience of developing and scaling products for the startup-scene and the Enterprise. Learn more about the people behind the company below.

Jimmie Hansson

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Is an experienced and passionate engineer and entrepreneur with over fifteen years of experience. He has been working on the Linux Kernel to run architectures and applications, serving millions of users, prone to resolve complex problems.


Jimmie has worked with clients such as IKEA and Mercedes-Benz and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Unhandled.


Mauricio Saglietto

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Is an engineer and craftsman with a broad history working in the product development field. Mauricio comes from a System Engineering background with a track-record in the C language, now spending his time in the cutting-edge cloud and Node.js universe.


Mauricio has worked with clients such as Intel and Zalando and serves as the Chief Technical Officer of Unhandled.




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